Embodied Carbon Analysis

Whole-Building Life Cycle Analysis

The Green Engineer has staff that are trained in implementing Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessments (wbLCA) and analysis.  We have performed wbLCA assessments for a variety of projects. We can develop a preliminary cradle to grave wbLCA to assist project teams in identifying viable pathways to reduce embodied carbon and mitigate the overall project’s environmental Impact. Additionally, we are able to implement wbLCAs in support of the Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment Option of the LEED Credit, ILFI Zero Carbon Certification, ILFI Energy Petal Imperatives 7+8, and in compliance local and regional Green Building regulations. Our wbLCA assessments are implemented through approved software such as Athena Impact Estimator or OneClick LCA.

Embodied Carbon Consulting

As part of the wbLCA process we provide consulting on structure, envelope, and finish materials to help project teams to reduce embodied carbon for particular assemblies or for the overall building. This form of consulting provides the greatest impact early on in design, but can happen through construction.

Future of wbLCA/Embodied Carbon Reporting

Embodied carbon reporting through the use of Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessments will become more popular and eventually standard in the sustainability industry, It's the other piece of the pie when you look at all of the carbon emissions of a building that project teams must analyze if they want to understand the true carbon footprint of their building.