Materials Consulting

The majority of our staff are USGBC LEED APs and we have staff that are LEED Living Future Accredited through the International Living Futures Institute (ILFI).  The Green Engineer has assisted higher educational institutions and area municipalities in the development of their own renovation and new construction materials standards and policies. Drawing from our significant first hand experience, we provide project guidance and direction on identifying and sourcing compliant, environmentally sensitive, low impact interior finish materials. We are currently working on projects with defined goals to specify and install low chemical and impact products; some have implemented their own materials Red List while others work in alignment with the LEED or Living Building Challenge rating systems.

Whole-Building Life Cycle Analysis

The Green Engineer has staff that are trained in implementing Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessments (wbLCA) and analysis.  We have performed wbLCA assessments for a variety of projects. We can develop a preliminary cradle to grave wbLCA to assist project teams in identifying viable pathways to reduce embodied carbon and mitigate the overall project’s environmental Impact. Additionally, we are able to implement wbLCAs in support of the Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment Option of the LEED Credit, ILFI Zero Carbon Certification, ILFI Energy Petal Imperatives 7+8, and in compliance local and regional Green Building regulations. Our wbLCA assessments are implemented through approved software such as Athena Impact Estimator or OneClick LCA.