Campus Sustainability Master Planning

We assist organizations with energy benchmarking for their campuses. The benchmarking efforts provide useful information on campus energy use, and inform the determination of campus facilities suitable for ASHRAE Level II Energy Audits. We help organizations develop climate action plans designed to reduce campus greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water-use, and waste for existing buildings and future developments.

Our team can use energy benchmarking and analysis to help clients establish design targets and evaluate the performance of their building compared to other similar building types. We use CBECs data, PNNL’s Reference Building’ EUI data, in-house data collection to meet these goals. The Green Engineer regularly assists its client to use Energy Star Portfolio manager for energy tracking, benchmarking, and data sharing for Energy Star Certifications, LEED certification, etc.

The Green Engineer has  worked on large campus-wide projects to benchmark buildings by use type & size and establish performance goals.

ASHRAE Level I and II Energy Audits

The Green Engineer has experience in performing ASHRAE Level I and II energy audits for large commercial and institutional buildings. We have staff that are registered Professional Engineers (PE) and certified Building Energy Assessment Professionals (BEAP) with experience to efficiently provide site walkthroughs and identify potential energy saving opportunities based on initial site findings, client meetings, and assessment of utility bills. We also provide Measurement & Verification services to our clients, and we are an Energy Star Partner. Over the past 17 years, we have served as the Licensed Professional for 174 Energy Star Certifications for commercial buildings. We present results and summary reports of our findings in an effective and comprehensible format, with an emphasis on graphical representation of key information.