USGBC Launches Arc (the updated LEED Dynamic Plaque)

On December 1, the USGBC officially launched Arc, the updated version of the LEED Dynamic Plaque. Arc will allow any project to benchmark itself with ongoing performance data. As part of the launch, the USGBC announced that all LEED projects, both registered and certified have access to Arc. This means it can be used to measure the ongoing performance of your certified building, and even be used pursue re-certification under LEED.

Many of our clients are curious about Arc. If you are one of them, we’d be happy to discuss how The Green Engineer might help you use Arc on your projects. We see Arc as the future of LEED, incorporating a streamlined, data driven approach to green buildings that helps cross the divide between design and operations. If you are curious what the future looks like, give our office a call.