The Green Engineer has been a BCorp for several years, and we have been fortunate enough to have been recognized as a Best for the World’ BCorp several, consecutive years.

This year, we decided to push our corporate citizenship to the next level by participating in a voluntary disclosure program known as JUST.

JUST is a transparency platform managed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), an organization that manages the Living Building Challenge – arguably the most rigorous building certification that exists in the architecture and construction industry. The JUST program focuses less on the environmental impact of our core business model and more on how we can optimize our policies to improve social equity and employee engagement.

JUST is not a certification program, it is a transparency platform for organizations to disclose their operations, including how they treat their employees and where they make financial and community investments. JUST is a nutrition label for organizations that attempt to be socially just and equitable. JUST marks the beginning of a new era of corporate transparency. ILFI invites organizations everywhere to evaluate themselves through this social justice and equity lens.” - ILFI

The six criteria for JUST are:

  1. Diversity

  2. Equity

  3. Safety

  4. Worker Benefit

  5. Local Benefit

  6. Stewardship

We hope to use the JUST label as a tool to:

  • build a culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion

  • deepen the level of employee engagement in our firm

  • benchmark and enhance human resources, policies, programs and practices

  • memorialize our commitment to social justice and equity in our organization

Below is our JUST label, which identifies our performance in each of the six criteria reviewed.

You can also view The Green Engineer’s JUST Profile online.