Sustainable Design Education

The Green Engineer is an industry leader in sustainable design education.

Online Courses & Seminars
As an Education Partner to the USGBC, we create educational online courses to teach AEC professionals more about sustainable design,  integrated design, LEED Certification, and Energy Modeling. 

We also participate in many other forums and panels for educating design and construction professionals about sustainable design practices and achieving LEED Certification. Many of these online courses and webinars are also featured below.

Lunch & Learns
The Green Engineer also provides customized education tailored to individual organizations in the form of "Lunch & Learns" and educational sessions designed to provide members of an organization or business with a better understanding of the LEED system, Energy Modeling and integrated, sustainable design practices.


by The Green Engineer


  1.  Demystifying the Energy Codes
  2.  Integrated Daylight & Energy Modeling
  3.  Introduction to LEED v4 (featuring The Green Engineer)
  4. Architecture and Human Subconscious Responses to the Environment

Education @USGBC courses are also available in the USGBC app for iOS or Android on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.




"Energy Modeling for LEED Projects and Beyond!" is a panel presentation, with guest speakers, about LEED v4’s new integrative process, which encourages design teams to use the energy model to have a dialogue about a building’s energy consuming systems earlier in the design process. Attendees also heard about ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 209, currently under development, which is looking to set minimum standards and requirements to facilitate the energy model development process. Recorded on August 20, 2015, at the Building Energy Exchange in NYC.

"Avoiding Common Mistakes in LEED Energy Models" reviews some of the most common blunders that energy modelers make when preparing and submitting energy models for LEED projects. Attendees heard from representatives of the USGBC, as well as some consultants who have a great deal of experience with energy modeling for LEED compliance. The panel also reviewed some handy resources available to help with the modeling process. Recorded on September 23, 2015 at Arup NYC.