Energy Modeling

10 Reasons To Use The Green Engineer


1. We're local. If there are any project questions, we can bring our energy modelers to a meeting - no need for a conference call. Since the bulk of our work is local to the Boston area, our office is completely familiar with all local requirements, as well as with the local utility programs. 


2. We are modeling specialists. Our Building Performance Analysis group is dedicated to building energy and daylight modeling. That's all we do. We have seasoned, experienced professionals. There won't be any rookies learning on the job. 


3. We've completed 141 projects that have achieved LEED Certification. Additionally, we are proud to have served for three years as part of the team of experts providing LEED project review services to the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). Our team has provided more than 100 individual reviews for buildings to GBCI since February of 2011. This means that our project models make it through the LEED Review process with minimal comments.  Because we have served as reviewers, we know what GBCI is looking for. 


4. As evidence of this track record of high quality submissions, we have been selected by the USGBC to participate in their LEED Proven Provider program. This program allows streamlined reviews of the LEED submission, and usually results in an easier pathway through the certification process compared to the standard review process. This applies to the entire LEED submission, not just the models, but is especially relevant to the model in particular, as it is often the single item generating the most review comments. 


5. We have been selected by Eversource to provide modeling services related to incentives on multiple projects throughout Eversource territory, and are on their preferred vendor list. This will allow us to roll modeling for Eversource utility incentives seamlessly into our model process.


6. As a firm independent from any MEP engineer, we provide a second set of eyes on the systems design, but can still integrate modeling into the normal design process. 


7. Typically, we provide model results at each major milestone during the design process. We use the model as a design tool, a way to answer important questions, and to inform the design process. Many MEP firms that provide modeling don't run a model until a project design is complete. As a result, this type of process and model can tell you little beyond 'how many LEED points'.  We think the true value of a model is realized when it is used to design the building, rather than to merely show compliance with code or LEED. 


8. We can integrate daylight and comfort modeling into our modeling process.


9. We have a track record of success in providing energy modeling services on other projects. These projects demonstrate what our team can do. You'll see the same experienced staff on your project. No surprises.


10. We're a different kind of company, a Certified B Corporation, and one of only a handful of Massachusetts Benefit Corporations. This means that while we are a for-profit company, we have a mission and an obligation to the community beyond merely making a profit.  We file an annual Benefit Report with the State of Massachusetts, which is available publicly.